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The X House is a state of the art performance facility. Here to change lives with the most highly experienced and educated sports performance coaches, medical professionals, manual therapist and personal trainers.


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“Thank you for guiding me and showing me what it means to care for others to motivate, inspire and help others grow. Can’t wait to come back home from Japan to train and visit even if it’s for a day. I enjoy every bit and still use a lot of the things you’ve taught me as I follow in your footsteps as a Marine and the constant motivation to do better for myself and others."

Jean Carlos

The X House has the highest tier training you will find anywhere. Everyone genuinely cares about you, fitting every movement to match your individual needs and goals. Personally, my favorite aspect is the emphasis on knowledge, which they teach you the know-how to train smartly anywhere you go. The coolest atmosphere and an even cooler staff, I look forward to every single workout here.

Isaiah Herrington

Trainer vickk and his team are awesome. Always helping out everybody and giving the best advice on what to do and how to do it safely. The team is all experienced and the fact that they are always looking out for you and trying to find the best way to do things for your improvement is awesome. 

Amber Blaze