Tips and Advice on Starting your Fitness Journey!

I hear it all the time.. " I want to get started and improve my overall health but I just don't know where to begin."
This confusion and lack of guidance is the reason why many deal with the process of getting started.

When starting your journey my #1 tip is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

A lot of times individuals will think that they have to go to extremes to get to a specific goal. 

Look at it as a lifestyle change. Ask yourself can i sustain this long term?
Will this bring me long term success? 

If the answer is no, heres some advice... 

1. Make small changes to your everyday life such as: increasing water intake, reducing or eliminating processed/ packaged foods, and sugar/sugary drinks.
Try walking a few blocks, stretch for 10 minutes, add veggies into 1 meal, and adding in one 30 minute workout in the week.

By doing this will show that you are capable of making changes!

2. Avoid saying "I'll do it later", "I'll start Monday"... Later means never and delaying your start to a specific day of the week only shows your lack of interest because if you cared about starting you wouldn't wait. Just do it!! Actions make change. 

3. Make a To-Do list!  
Walk 1 mile everyday for the next 2 weeks then slowly increase to 1, 5, 2 miles, etc. Then eventually jog until you work your way up to jog. 
This is just an example. The point is to keep the process an easy and enjoyable as possible. That way you will crave the exercise rather than dread it. 






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