About Our Assessments

The X House Assessments 



Orthopedic Assessment

The X House orthopedic / musculoskeletal assessment is comprised of more than 50 skeletal alignments, joint ranges of motion, and muscular length-tension relationship measurements. 

Each of these measurements was thoroughly researched to ensure reliability and applicability with high confidence. Joints and skeletal malalignments found to be outside of physiological and mechanical tolerances are restored to normal and safe function via stretches and exercises. These personalized stretches and exercises are integrated into the clients goal and / or sport specific training program. These assessments have been performed on Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Norris Cole, and other top athletes. 



Medical Grade Body Composition/ Health Assessment

During this assessment we utilize medical grade body composition, blood pressure, and stadiometer modalities trusted by the top 100 hospitals in America. 



Performance Assessment 

This assessment is catered towards sports performance utilizing the top equipment in the industry such as, Keiser, Brower Timing Systems, Vertec/ Jump Mat, and Gopher Performance.